Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Great Wandering

I'm off on spring travels, studying in France, and have a nice new sketchbook I'm filling up!

During spring break, between Savannah and France, I flew to Seattle for an interview and got to visit the famous Pike's Place market:

Waiting in the Seattle airport, watching the sunset - my last look at the west coast for a long time:

Then seeing the sun rise on the east coast during a layover in Charlotte - followed terrifyingly quickly by a phonecall from the interview I'd just had offering me an internship...!

...leading to decision struggles and cathartic doodling:

Leaving Savannah for France after just a day (strange encounters on Lufthansa flights and practice processing leonine face-markings for my film by using some friend's faces):

Waiting at the airport in Munich for the final flight to Marseilles, I was surrounded by Russians:

And then after flying over the incredible Alps - FRANCE!

3000-year-old Roman bridges and beautiful old houses everywhere:

And we've only been here for a few days! The adventure has just begun. While I still have a good number of commitments to projects back home and am attempting to get Dovecote running again, I'm hoping that this will be a time mostly for thought, writing, and drawing to plan for a number of projects of my own. It's a beautiful, inspiring place, and I'm surrounded by inspiring people - what could be better?

The blogs of the inspiring ladies I'm with:

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  1. Oh my goodness! Please keep posting all the time! I love seeing all the stuff you guys draw over there! And remember, no matter what you decide to do- whether it's stay in Savannah or take the internship during the Summer- your friends here support you 100% and are backing you up! We love you and miss you, Bridget! :D