Monday, October 24, 2011

This is how it ended

Well, months after the fact, I finally got around to scanning the last of my travel sketches from Annecy and Spain. 
Malachi became my model of choice while we traveled through Barcelona and San Sebastian:

 In San Sebastian, we hiked up a mountain only to find a secret museum at the top! It was full of old Basque clothing, models of ships, and interesting bits of pieces of history.
 A view of one of the beaches in San Sebastian, of which there were many:

 And then it was off to Annecy for the animation festival! Annecy was amazing, almost more for spending time with some of my favorite people than for the animation itself. Lane, Nate, and Lauren were amazing travel companions, and we were all sketching all the time.
 We stayed in a little apartment hotel outside of town, and got in the habit of making little meals in our little kitchen. In the mornings we'd get a fresh baguette from the bakery down the street, and eat it with brie and fig jam for breakfast. This, though, was in the evening after a long day: Lane and Lauren making couscous.
 A view of some of the buildings in Annecy, hemmed in by hills and mountans:
 Nate and Lauren were painting the mountains, as I did my creeper duties sitting behind them and painting them:
 One chilly day we stopped into a cafe for hot chocolate. We spent a long time there just drawing, and as we were about to leave the lady running the cafe motioned us over and gave us each a shot glass full of some bright vanilla-tasting liquor - Alpine hospitality!
 While this didn't actually happen, we were a hair away from disaster attempting to catch our train to Geneva. Thus, what might have been:
This actually did happen! We spent the night in the airport in order to catch our flight back to the States on time. Curled up in chairs, bundled in whatever clothes we could find to keep warm, waiting out the long quiet night.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mega sketchdump!

Oh hey! A little bit of life drawing in life :) Mr. Rainiri chilling like a boss at swing:
Some of the SCAD models at a gesture session:
Then Mr Brock, Mr Rainiri, Ms Duda, Ms Sampson, Mr Soman and I kindly modeled for one another, replete with costumes:
And last but not least some of the lovely people I know, just hangin' out!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Leftover doodles from over the summer, posting them late just for kicks.

Monday, October 10, 2011

evening painting

Finishing out the day with a speedpainting of Ms. Duda. It's been a very Monday sort of Monday... We're all a bit tired at this point -_____-

Just things

A warmup painting based on a cute photo, and a creature design for Josh to ZBrush!