Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sketchdump 2: Doodles

Sketchdump 1: Liiiife

Holy moly it has been a while. I had quite the fall and winter break, with lots of travel and lots of sketching! There are so many things that I figured I would organize this into two posts - one for the life drawing that happened here and there, and one for doodles that happened all over everywhere. Here goes!

Life drawing at CTNx! Really awesome models:

CTNx folks - Jordan and Kiel:
And Justin!
David Chen, Ashlin, and Lauren Duda:
At the Kosher grocery down the street from where Nate and Alex live:
Wandering around the Venice canals...
...and Venice cafes...
Mr Curtis and company:
Made it home for Thanksgiving with Flannery, my wonderful sister:
And some old family friends:
And this old family friend:

Waiting in airports there's always some interesting people about...

Over Christmas Lauren and Michael and I drove to New Jersey, and stopped at Colonial Williamsburg on the way, where we found this excellent tree:
Lauren and Michael as we waited to hear a speech by Thomas Jefferson: